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Magic on Television - Britain's Got Talent

Posted on 24th Apr 2015 14:35:19

So it appears a magician was on Britain's Got Talent. Fair play to him for that as I know Mr Cowell is not fond of us but I could not believe the backlash over it. Not because he was poor but because his “prop” cost under £10 from a shop! This event got front page on some “newspapers”!

So what if you can buy it? Magicians don’t sit at home making everything themselves.. If he just performed a card trick would they moan that he was using a deck of cards costing a few pounds? No….

A juggler may perform an amazing act with just a few balls also costing a few pounds.. Would they moan? No..

Magic is more than just what props we use. I do amazing magic with everyday objects like elastic bands and money! I don’t know how this none story got so big. We spend years learning how to use these objects perform miracles for the public. It’s not just the trick but persona, charisma, presentation, patter etc etc.e

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