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October 2017 update - SNAPPY

Posted on 4th Oct 2017 14:28:06

Hi all

Just a quick update. This weekend I will be performing at the annual SNAPPY charity black tie dinner. I have been the regular magician here for a while and I am looking forward to it. Again, I get to perform to celebs! Last year I performed for Chris Chittell, also known as Eric Pollard in Emmerdale, Unfortunalty no photos were taken. This year he is due to attend again so let’s hope I get some footage!! SNAPPY are a charity based in York, that offer play and recreation opportunities to children and young people with disabilities. Check them out at

I am also now taking booking for Christmas. I will post about this soon. It seems it comes around quicker each and every year! But now is the time to book me for your Christmas 2017 events. Magic as I keep saying is a great way to bring entertainment to a large dinner or party without a huge financial outlay. Get in contact for more details.

Until then, adios

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House parties and Bicycle accidents

Posted on 12th Jul 2017 18:03:22

Hi all

Hope everyone is doing fine (whoever is reading, if anyone actually is!)

My face has been a bit of a mess lately. I was involved in a bicycle accident leading to an ambulance trip and several x-rays. Luckily nothing broken and just general cuts, bruises and pains. I should get better soon! 

A few weeks before I had a lovely gig, performing for a group of women at a house party! I was a secret surprise from the host. Needless to say, everyone thought the magic was amazing and a great time was had by all! 




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Real Magic - A New Baby

Posted on 4th Apr 2017 16:24:38

Now for some real magic… 5 weeks ago (25th February) my wife gave birth to our baby son – Tristan – weighing in at 4.5 kg or 8lbs in old money! Feels so weird now being a dad! How many years before I can get them their own magic set? Maybe they can be my magical assistant? Ok too much!

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Quick February Update - Babies and Valentines

Posted on 7th Feb 2017 14:25:02

Hi all

Just a quick update. Life is so busy at the moment with writing essays for my Master’s Degree and getting ready for my upcoming baby... Due in around 2 weeks (give or take as usual)!!!

This will start a whole new scary chapter in my life but I'm sure it is one I will enjoy tackling! Can't wait to start showing them magic tricks and who knows, maybe they will take up magic! A lot of famous magician’s children went into magic themselves such as Martin Daniels, son of the late legendary Paul Daniels.

As Spring is just around the corner and Valentine’s day is only a week away many people will be thinking of popping that question and getting engaged and married! If you are having a party to celebrate a magician is a great way to bring some extra excitement to the event. I even perform some great love based tricks that will be great talking points for many years to come. I have people who have seen me perform several years ago and they still keep magical mementos in their handbags! If you wish to talk about anything just contact me via email or phone


Until next time - byeee

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