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Ploughing Magic and September Show

Posted on 9th Sep 2016 14:48:15

Hello everyone. Hope you are all well.

On the 22nd of September I will be performing at the Basement in York supporting my magician friend Craig Stephenson as he performs his Edinburgh one man show. Going by the reviews he got and by what I have seen this will be a great show. Tickets are on sale now at £8 or £6 for Students.

Tickets can be purchased online here at York's City Screen website


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Oooh Baby Baby!

Posted on 8th Aug 2016 20:05:44

Well I have just gone and done my best Magic Trick so far... The wife & I are expecting our first child in February! It's exciting but I'm feeling nervous as well.

Our Magic Baby

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The Types of Magic and Magic on TV (revisited)

Posted on 31st May 2016 15:48:38

Maybe I have been living under a rock but not being a fan of Britain’s Got Talent, and generally any sort of TV talent shows I never saw the act that won and did not even know there was a magician taking part until I saw people post about it. But I am glad to hear that the magician Richard Jones managed to win. I think this will help add to the renaissance in magic and wish him well in the future. I remember posting a while ago about a magician on the show who did not win, knowing that Cowell did not like magic that much. How things have now changed!

What I have also read is the “furore” that has “copied” another act. Does that mean every singer should perform their own creation and not do covers? We all put our own spins on things, and yes even perform tricks by other people, If we didn’t magic shops would go out of business!! Presentation is half the work.

Talking of how doing others magic leads to the question how many different tricks are actually possible? 

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My Top 5 Magic Books For the Beginner Magician

Posted on 7th Mar 2016 15:57:33

As it was just world book last week I’ve decided to belatedly jump on to the book list band wagon and list a few magic books that I feel are important or even essential reading to anyone wanting to start out in the crazy world that is magic.

Often at gigs/in the pub/most places to be honest I get asked how I first got into magic and how I go about learning new tricks. Well in a part answer to one of those questions, I learn many of my tricks from reading books aimed at magicians that teach the mechanics and often presentations.  The books though I will list could be said to be aimed more at the layman (that’s non magician to you and me) as they start right at the basics. They are regarded as classics in the magical literature world and countless generations of magicians have studied them and even keep them close on hand as they suddenly find something inside that they still wish to use.  Of course nowadays there are literally hundreds of magic DVDs, videos and tricks etc to buy but I will concentrate on just the books. In no particular order here are the books that I first started reading. Some of these are quite old now but the information in them is still great......

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