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Post Holiday blues and new shows

Posted on 13th Jul 2015 15:14:19


I have just got back from my holidays.. Don't you just hate the post-holiday blues? It was a cruise in the Eastern Med. Lots to see out there! One of the highlights was the ships theatre were comedy magician Mel Mellers performed. He may not be a big name to non-magicians but to me it was a lesson in dealing with the audience and entertain with tricks that are not beyond erm me! I have performed some of his material myself in the past so nice to see it done by himself.

Hope you still remember that I have a Halloween show this year! Craig Stephenson and I have started working on ideas. Looks set to be a good show!! Anyway must go. Off to see Derren Brown in York tonight! Super excited!

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Halloween Magic Show

Posted on 20th Jun 2015 20:34:16

October the 31st... Halloween....

The spookiest night of the year...

So what better way to spend it then in haunted pub with two magicians. Along with fellow York Magician Craig Stephenson, we will showcase some of our favourite effects in an evening of laughter, magic, mindreading and the occasional ghost story.

So come join us this halloween in the Black Swan - A pub standing in York since 1417.... therefore bound to be packed with all sorts of history.. and spirits!


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Britain’s Got Talent

Posted on 2nd Jun 2015 12:05:13

Hi all

I see a magician came second in BGT. Not that I actually watched it! Never liked that programme...
I know though that it was the same magician that I wrote about a few months ago, where people moaned as they could "see" how it was done. And guess what, the same reactions in newspapers, people saying he is a "fake" as they can see how it is done. Do people not have anything better to do! If you see magic live in the flesh any thoughts like this are gone. Close up magic I feel is not meant for television, thus he was brave to perform this on a national TV talent show, kudos to Jamie Raven. I just hope we get another upsurge in people wanting to book us!! Cross fingers!

Elsewhere in life tomorrow (02/06/2015) I take my Open University final exam on modern history. I have spent so much time revising, slacking of the magic practice for a bit! Stressful! Though I have had a couple of interesting gigs. I got to perform a private party in York's Mansion house where the Lord Mayor lives. Beautiful venue and crowd. I also performed at an "alternative" wedding. They had people camping on a golf course! Weird!

Until next time bye

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Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell -The Real York Society of Magicians

Posted on 18th May 2015 11:59:32

Was interesting last night to watch the new BBC1 drama, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, which featured the York Society of Magicians! Well not actually the society I am secretary of, but a 19th century one featuring “real” magicians! Hopefully it may garner some attraction to us as a society, especially as we are celebrating out 70th anniversary. We are always looking out for new members, whatever the skill level! We can be found at York Society of Magicians

And if you want to see a magician in York. Well here I am!! Have some exciting gigs this week, with one in a historic building in York city centre. Hope to get some nice photos! 

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