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2019 Christmas Party Entertainment

Posted on 18th Nov 2019 16:27:55

Let’s get straight to the point! Christmas is the season of food, drink, and… parties, especially office parties! It may also be the only time that the boss organises the event themselves as a treat to finish the year with a bang, hopefully improving moral! 

Although there’s a myriad of different entertainment options out there, from bands, mime artists to dancing dogs, there’s nothing better and more intimate than having a close-up magician to make Xmas parties extra special, and let’s say, "Christmassy". Whether this party takes place in the actual office, (visions of David Brent in The Office come to mind!) or at a venue such as a restaurant or hotel, entertainment will play an important part of the night’s festivities.

Magic is a great interactive form of entertainment that appeals to virtually everybody. Adrian will perform close-up miracles before your very eyes that will create gasps of disbelief & delight. Hiring Adrian this year as your Christmas entertainment will guarantee this. 

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