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Beginner Magic Sets for Children this Christmas

Posted on 13th Dec 2017 16:22:01

York now has its third Harry Potter themed shop on the same street! It seems the enthusiasm for the Boy Wizard will never die! It would be nice to think that this world of make believe world of spells and magic wands would encourage children to try and take up my sort of magic.

This is where Children’s magic sets come into their own. You can buy many great value kits that include everything for a kid this Christmas to put on their own show, and hopefully get hooked into the great hobby it is, whether they want to take it up professionally one day or not.

A magic kit has can help with a child’s development – It allows them to develop fine motor skills, increases confidence if performing to other people and self esteem when people are amazed and what they have achieved. Even science agrees! "Teach magic lessons in school," - Guardian 12/09/08

Depending on the age there are various ways to start....

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