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Magic Christmas Gift Idea - Buying a Beginner Magic Set for Children

Posted on 4th Dec 2019 15:15:00

Christmas is creeping upon us yet again, and the plethora of adverts on TV for children’s toys every year baffles me even more. I even saw in a store the other day a game where the aim is to pick up dog poop! I mean seriously? Every other shop I pop in seems to always carry a multitude of merchandise from one specific film... That film is, if you haven't realised, Harry Potter.  It seems the enthusiasm for the Boy Wizard will never die!  It would be nice to think this world of make-believe world of spells and magic wands would encourage children to take up my sort of magic. The telegraph even writes that the number four toy this year is, of course, Harry Potter related!  

Well, why not introduce your children into, so to speak, real magic

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