Coronavirus Lockdown Magic

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Posted on 20th Jun 2020 20:10:44

Hello everyone

I hope everyone is keeping safe. It has been ages since I have last posted. As you can imagine when I did post last, I could never have imagined that there would be a pandemic virus and subsequent lockdown. As you could imagine this has hit the entertainment industry pretty hard. With the majority also being self employed and having nowhere to perform now, or possibly the future, it is a bleak time.

I kept telling people I would record a little magic but never got round to it, having my son at home due to nursery closures, a period of general despair and a general thought of why bother didn’t help! Anyway, I have finally got round to recording a little something. I haven't performed this in a looong time so a bit rought around the edges! This may be the start of a weekly upload as well!

Here it is. Keep well and see you later


Vanishing Bottle  - Adrian Salamon Magic

Just a little trick with a bottle... Adrian Salamon Magic