Coronavirus Lockdown Magic #3 - Magic with a Newspaper - Adrian Salamon

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Posted on 10th Jul 2020 15:52:28

Ok some people wanted some more magic so here is a little rope magic. The country is starting to open up little by little, but it is still tough for us entertainers not knowing when we can, or when it will be safe to perform again

Already I have people requesting magic performances in their houses for this month large groups of people. This still goes against guidelines, so I'm sorry but for my safety I would not perform!

Close up magic relies on being, as the name suggests, close up to people, handling objects such as cards, where risk of contamination is high

Even in the news now they say the virus can be trasmitted via the air.

So, I will bid you farewell and stay safe, and maybe next week I'll record some close-up magic for you all!


Nerspaper Magic  - Adrian Salamon Magic

A little magic with some newspaper cuttings... Adrian Salamon Magic