Quick February magic type update -

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Posted on 23rd Feb 2016 15:27:34

Hello everyone. Hope you are all well. It’s been a while since I have last blogged but I’m still here. Last weekend I was performing cabaret magic at an event in Leeds. It was a right good night helping to raise money as well. It’s not often I get to do much cabaret magic these days as it is mostly close-up.  Hopefully this will change this summer as me and my colleague Craig Stephenson finally get round to developing and putting on our show we tried for last Halloween! Just need to find some time together and a good (spooky?) location in York.

Winter is slowly coming to an end and Spring will be here. The season of weddings approaches! If you would like a magician performing at your event get in contact!! Hopefully in the upcoming months I’ll add some more stuff to this blog, maybe some video footage, a bit about myself, maybe even teaching a simple trick…. Who knows!!

In other news, I have just been accepted to study at York University for a Masters in Early Modern History... hopefully researching somethign related to magic!! exciting times!!

Well untill next time.. adios