The Types of Magic and Magic on TV (revisited)

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Posted on 31st May 2016 15:48:38

Maybe I have been living under a rock but not being a fan of Britain’s Got Talent, and generally any sort of TV talent shows I never saw the act that won and did not even know there was a magician taking part until I saw people post about it. But I am glad to hear that the magician Richard Jones managed to win. I think this will help add to the renaissance in magic and wish him well in the future. I remember posting a while ago about a magician on the show who did not win, knowing that Cowell did not like magic that much. How things have now changed!

What I have also read is the “furore” that has “copied” another act. Does that mean every singer should perform their own creation and not do covers? We all put our own spins on things, and yes even perform tricks by other people, If we didn’t magic shops would go out of business!! Presentation is half the work.

Talking of how doing others magic leads to the question how many different tricks are actually possible? There have been different lists of what magicians consider the basic categories of magic, ranging from only being 8 types of effect to 18 plus.

Some of these, which I’d consider the basic ones, are:


Production: Making something appear

Vanish: Making something.. well vanish!

Transformation: Turning something into something or someone into something else

Restoration: Something destroyed is returned to its previous repaired state

Transportation: An object moves from one place to another

Escape: A person for example tied up manages to escape the bonds that hold them

Levitation: Objects going all floaty and rising. Think David Blaine hovering in the street!

Penetration: Get your minds out of the gutter! This is when one object magically passes through another. Think David Copperfield walking through the Great Wall of China

Prediction: The magician seeing into the future and guessing what you will say or do.


Of course many of these can be expanded and mixed up but most tricks are based on these.

Hopefully when you see me perform you will witness these, so get in contact to see if I am avaiable on your event date and to book me!