2020 Wedding Planning - Entertainment

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Posted on 20th Jan 2020 16:43:41

Hope 2020 is going well for you? A lot of people during Xmas and the New Year become newly engaged, leading to the fun time-consuming task of planning for a wedding! According to the office of national statistics, there are over 240 thousand weddings in the UK a year, with average times to plan being 18 months, costing an average of (wait for it...) £27000!* These tasks and costs include all the important ones, such as picking a date, venue and of course a dress.

One task that may not seem important in the initial planning stages is entertainment, especially entertainment during lulls in the proceedings, such as when the happy couple are getting their photos taken. This is where a magician can be of great use and it can be a lot cheaper than one would imagine, especially compared to everything else you have paid for om the big day. Whether you are getting married further ahead in 2021 or this year, 2020 (can you believe it?!), contact Adrian to see if your date is free, and of course to book. Even if it is a last-minute decision, there may be dates available so again get in contact with Adrian.

 Wedding Magic  - Adrian Salamon Magic

Magic is of course, being slightly biased, a great way to entertain your guests, especially during certain times of the day.

These are:

  • That time between the wedding and the wedding breakfast. The bride & groom maybe getting their photos taken, leaving the gusts mingling around making small talk. A magician can bring these people together and help break the ice between people who may have never met before.
  • At the wedding breakfast. Adrian can perform around the tables. This has the benefit of filling in those times when the caterers are busy collecting plates and serving the next course. Adrian of course will perform some extra special tricks and the top table.

Another major point when considering a magician is the price. Some magicians charge an arm and a leg and some are bargain basement prices. They say you get what you pay for. A lot of magician’s state that the very cheap will be useless hobbyists and the very expensive magical celebrities. While there may be some grain of truth in this, you’ll find Adrian’s prices pretty reasonable for the entertainment you are getting. How much was your wedding cake again? Get in touch to get a quote for your wedding day now!

 Adrian Salamon Magic - Makming your wedding that extra bit magical