Tips to Bring Fun Back to Your Office Christmas Party in 2019

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Posted on 30th Sep 2019 15:49:56

Bring fun back to your office Christmas party

Summer has gone and Autumn has truly arrived - the leaves are brown, the rain is… well wet and plentiful, and Christmas products are now starting to creep into the shelves in shops. It may seem far off still (86 days as of writing), but it will come fast enough. That means it is now time to think about your office Christmas parties! You may have the task of preparing the event, which means the unenviable task of choosing the venue, and of course picking the entertainment. Having performed at various types of Christmas parties, here are some tips to make it extra special and hopefully fun for all those attending!

Number one on this list is of course probably the most important… PLAN AHEAD

1: Start planning now!!! – Restaurants and other venues will start getting booked rapidly. There is nothing like leaving it to the last minute and finding you have nowhere to host your event, so it’s a sad pint at The Dog and Duck*. So, reserve that venue now. Also, it is wise to plan the seating arrangements if you are having a sit-down meal. Scheduling can help make the evening go to plan without wasting time. I have often been booked to entertain at events where the planning has gone to shot. You Fail to Plan; You Plan to Fail.

A good idea may be to ask around for suggestions and take a poll on the favourite. Everyone has different backgrounds and ideas that may not be thought of on your own. It may also be an idea to share your party with another business, this can also be a great informal networking opportunity. Maybe even with similar business or others in the office 

2: Dress code - This is a party… at Christmas…so you may be tempted to wear that outlandish elf costume, though this all depends on when and where the party is. If it as lunch break during office hours then, of course, you may get away with slipping on a really bad novelty jumper but see what the plans are for the night to not be that one embarrassing person who will turn up at the office the next day red-faced.

3: Don’t get too drunk – Obvious one this. I mean you are there to have fun but nothing can ruin the night like an overly drunk person who loses their inhibitions and over steps boundaries and say things that one may regret!!

4: Entertainment - Many types of entertainment can be utilised to for the Christmas party. Many large function rooms usually end the night with a live band or a disco, which of course is great to have as people do love a drunken dance, but this usually at the end of the evening – leaving the beginning when people are mingling or even when people are enjoying their meal, giving plenty of opportunities to add extra entertainment that people may not be expecting. A Close-up Magician, I may say, of course, is a great way to offer this entertainment at your event. From performing at such events, people are always pleasantly surprised that the company has booked an entertainer at the start of the event to help break the ice and get people into a festive mood. Just looking at all the guests laughing and even screaming in surprise (yes it does happen!).

5: And the big one… Have Fun!


 Christmas Magic - Card in Mouth

Close Up Party Magic - Adrian Salamon

*insert local pub here, I don’t know if there is a Dog & Duck. If there is one near you, I erm, read your mind…


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