Wedding Reception Magician

Thank you so much for being there, our guests had nothing but praise for you. They thought you were fantastic and will definitely be recommending you.
- Kelly & Craig

How often have you seen this scenario at weddings these days - The reception is taking place and guests who may not know each other are mingling around, wondering what’s going to happen next? The wedding breakfast may be over, you are busy being congratulated by everyone or having a well-needed rest. You have a gap to fill until the evening celebrations. Well, this is a perfect time for some entertainment and a hiring close up magician is a great value and unique way to provide this.

Surprising card revelations on your wedding day Performing wedding magic at a table Shocked expression Another shocked reaction to magic

When people think of magicians, people seem to think of some over the top kid's magician or cheesy magicians from the 1970s, pulling rabbits from top hats or an uncle producing a coin from your ear. Well, get those thoughts out of your head! Adrian performs modern close up magic that will leave people of all ages amazed, enhancing their memories of your special day. He will mix and mingle with the guests and help bring groups together to witness some spectacular entertainment.

Watch as Adrian makes rings vanish (and reappear; of course!), reads your mind, finds your selected card in surprising ways, and produce objects in a burst of flame!

Adrian has experience performing at many varied wedding events throughout Yorkshire, from traditional wedding breakfast table magic in hotels, small afternoon tea receptions, even what seemed like a mini music festival! Whatever your needs, these can be accommodated.

Having a Magician at your Wedding provides many benefits including:

  1. “Breaking the ice”- especially amongst guests who do not know one another. People will gather around and start talking about what they have seen, creating a common talking point.
  2. Filling in any dead time such as when you are getting photography taken for example.
  3. Being affordable – compared to many other forms of entertainment, a Magician is great value for money
  4. A Magician also provides big thrills but takes up little space and is easy to add to your event. What is not to like?

Adrian can provide magic at any time during your celebrations but as mentioned, the times that suit best are:

  • Strolling magic for your guests during your photography session.
  • At the wedding breakfast, performing at the tables in-between courses, with special tricks reserved for the top table.
  • Close-up magic during the reception, mingling with the guests.

If feasible it's also possible to meet up and discuss your event over a cup of coffee (or hot chocolate!), where you can witness first hand some quality magic. Whether you need a wedding Magician in Yorkshire or any other part of the country, get in contact with Adrian for more information, a no-obligation quote or to book him on your required date.