Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?
The fees that I charge are dependent on various factors such as the location of your event, the number of people who require entertainment and how long you wish me to perform for. Get in contact to discuss your requirements. I feel that my fees are very competitive and I think you will too.
When is the best time to perform?
This is down to you, but at weddings there are several times which I feel are best. When the newlyweds are getting their photos taken is a great time. Guests are mingling around waiting so a magician can help fill that space and keep everyone entertained. Around the dinner table is always a good time but of course there will be times when everyone is eating where he won't perform. Who wants to be distracted from their food by a man waving playing cards around!
How far in advance can I book?
You can book as far in advance as 18 months or as little as 1 month if there is a free slot. Get in contact and let's see how I can accommodate you!
Can I get a demonstration of you performing?
I will be happy to give you an example of me performing if location is appropriate. If you are close by then get in touch and we can arrange something. I feel it is important you know what you are getting and can see my work in the flesh before your event.
Do you perform for children?
Unfortuantly I do not do whole shows for children as I am not a kid's entertainer. I can provide you with recommendations of good magicians if needed. Many functions, such as weddings, have children and this presents no problem at all.
How far do you travel?
As far as you want me to! I usually perform magic in the Yorkshire area but will travel further. Remember that the further away it is travel costs will be included in the fee.
Do you need much space to set up?
My work is self-contained so I can move around performing to different people over the course of the event. A small space to store a case would be ideal if possible.
How & when do I pay?
Payment can be made before or on the day of performance. A 20% deposit may be required in some cases. I can be paid either in cash, BACS or cheque.
Are you insured?
I am a member of Equity so therefore have up to £10 million in PLI.
How did you get into magic?
About 13 years ago I found a pack of playing cards lying around. A trip to the newsagents and a cheap book on card tricks led me down the path to where I am now. A friendly local magician helped develop my skills whilst becoming part of a stage horror magic show with him! Over time the passion grew and like a lot of people who getting into magic it takes over your life and bank balance! But I feel it was worth it and would not do any other job in the world!
How did you do that, can you make my wife disappear?
Magically.. and NO!